REVIEW: MAC lipstick ‘Persistence’

MAC Persistence, have you ever heard of this lipstick before? I honestly haven’t heard of it until today. When i was browsing online for MAC lipsticks I came across the lip swatches of Persistence, and I was sold. Such a stunning color! I couldn’t wait to try this lipstick out myself.

Persistence has got a matte finish. It feels really nice on the lips but is just a little bit drying, but nothing major. I already knew that I find MAC’s matte finishes a little drying, since I already own Kinda Sexy. It applies really smooth but still kind of rough. But that’s just because of the matte finsih, obviously. It’s still really comfortable and I don’t mind wearing it. I think Persistence is extra special for me because it’s not hyped and kind of underrated.

The swatches, one word: Amazing. The color pay-off is absolutely amazing. Which I kind of expected from MAC. Persistence is a reddish-brown. It reminds me of bricks, haha. The color reminds me of autumn. I wouldn’t personally wear this around summer or spring time, but I would totally smash this color in autumn. Another thing, personally, this is not a daily color for me AT ALL. It’s a bit darker than I’m used to and a bit out of my comfort zone. But still this is such a great shade, I think it’ll look stunning on so many different skin tones.

Even though, it’s completely out of my comfort zone, I think that this lipstick is going to be one of my favorite browns. It just applies so smoothly and I’m obsessed with matte lipsticks at the moment. It’s just a great lipstick.

This lipstick definitely passed my test, haha. I recommend it to every single one of you.

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For our dutchies:

Dit product is bij geselecteerde Douglas filialen verkrijgbaar, maar je kunt hem ook www.douglas.nlĀ bestellen.

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  1. Heel mooi! Ik volg jullie nu, leuke blog! x

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